European Union will apply UN sanctions against North Korea

European Union (EU) Foreign Minister Federica Mujerini announced Tuesday that the European Union will implement the new UN sanctions against North Korea and is ready to impose additional sanctions if needed.

“We will now apply the United Nations sanctions as we have done in the past,” Mugereny told a plenary session of European parliamentarians in Strasbourg.

“We will work to make sure that all of our international partners do the same to ensure maximum effectiveness of economic measures,” she said.

The new sanctions imposed by the United Nations include a reduction in the flow of oil to North Korea, knowing that the main supplier of North Korea of ​​oil is China.

“We will continue the debate last week on additional EU sanctions to complete the work of the Security Council and exert maximum pressure on North Korea,” Mugereny said.

The EU is currently imposing a series of sanctions on North Korea, some at the initiative of an individual of the Union and some are committed to UN resolutions.

EU foreign ministers said last week that the pressure on North Korean workers to expel them from the European Union could be stepped up, with 500 in Poland.

“The sanctions are not an end in themselves but a means to open the door to a political process,” Mujerini said, calling once again on Pyongyang to start a “political dialogue” with the international community in preparation for “full and verifiable nuclear disarmament” in North Korea.

“Our goal is to establish a denuclearized zone on the Korean Peninsula and this goal can only be reached through diplomatic and political means,” the European official said, adding: “There is no military solution to this crisis.