Factors that affect brain and weaken its ability

The brain is one of the most vital functions that helps focus and the ability to do some important life practices, but there are some factors that work on the weakness of the brain and loss of ability to focus.

In this context, Dr. Medhat Thabet, Consultant Neurologist, explains a number of factors that affect the health of the brain and weaken its abilities, including the following:

1. Not eating large amounts of vegetables and fruits daily, they play a large role in the safety of the brain.

2. Malnutrition and lack of important nutrients for the body are important in maintaining the health of the body and brain and its ability to concentrate.

3. Night-time sleep For many hours it works on the weakness of the brain and its ability to concentrate.

4. Lack of social contact with those close to you and the family or friction with many people, it plays a large role in increasing the work of brain arteries and brain activity and development.

5. Dependence on games on the PlayStation, it destroys the brain slowly, it is better to rely on puzzle games that need a lot of thinking.

6. Smoking and drinking alcohol are factors that destroy brain cells and damage them.