Fixtures of Tri-nation series out

The heavy rains in the tri-Malahayd between Ireland and Bangladesh were flooded after visitor arrivals stopped at the 32nd Center. Bangladesh was 157 compared to 4 in 31.1 Auvers when the weather forced them out, and they did not return. Although the rain rilint as the evening progresses, it did not stop altogether. The match was stopped at 4.50 p.m. local time.

On her first visit to England and Ireland in seven years, Bangladeshi tennis men, Tamim Iqbal and Mahmud Allah, suffered from a green stadium.

Tamim and Mahmoud Allah led the recovery of visitors through a fifth-87-Weikit passenger platform, after they were struggling from 70 to 4, but it was mainly the inability of pastoralists in Ireland to take full advantage of the friendly conditions that allow visitors to get rid of the impasse.

Peter Chase was picking the narrated with three Weikit, while Tim Mortagh and the left arm of the rotor George Dokril kept Bangladesh in the selection with tight bowling. Barry McCarthy, Kevin O’Brien and Stuart Thompson failed to find their rhythm.

Tamim strongly won 88 ball 64, and found the border eight times, while Mahmoud Abdullah scored 43 points from 56 balls, resulting in a series of low scores in Audis since October.

On the pitch that was difficult to differentiate from outside the country, Bangladesh began enthusiastically, losing Somaya Sarkar and Saber Rahman at the first 3.2 sums. Somaya came out of Chase’s short ball, which was walking away from Gzeath, while Saber hit the first ball his arm before deciding that there was a need for super aggressive shooting to break the shackles. The logo attempt on Midoikoit was ended appropriately in understanding the third man Wechis struck twice in a quick relay.

He then added Mshkikr Rahim and Tamim 38 match Lloikit III, but I led and achieved Barry McCarthy long-term delivery to the slip-up at the 12-click.

Shakeep Hassan, standing in the position of commander of Mortaza supervisor with suspended execution, also seemed uncomfortable handling such a stadium. So when he looked to get his timing right, Chase got him on 14 with a wide delivery.

Like Tamim, Mahmoud played generally the ball very late, and make sure he used the depth of the wrinkle. All of the racket left the ball regularly, the line of delivery and the length of making the risk of pushing through out.

But the Irish shooters kept feeding them to the border and wide delivery balls (they bowed 13 in the first 20 auvers), which means that the pressure on the pair was never. They figured out how to deal with the top green, but only the rain reached when I started to control the House bowling attack.