four app help you to exercise and lose weight

Many users take advantage of Eid al-Adha to exercise, take advantage of the vacation period instead of spending at home and watching TV and eating a lot of food, and may face the problem of weak Internet, but can solve this problem by downloading some applications on your smart phone, Are as follows:

Charity Miles

This application helps you do good and exercise at the same time, as you donate money to charities every time you walk, use a bike or walk and use the application, just browse the application list for charities and find the organization you wish to support.


This app gives you the exercises tailored to your fitness level. Start by doing a few exercises with the application, and the app uses that information to create a routine for your challenges.

Jefit Workout

This app gives you simple tools to monitor your exercises such as weightlifting and tracking details to complete your routine. It also helps you plan workout days and rest days, which helps keep you fit.

Lose It

This application is designed to calculate calories, can help you lose weight, and has a strong community of supportive users who encourage anyone to stick to their goals and lose weight, along with a long list of fitness equipment and other applications.