France calls between political forces and structural reforms in Gabon

French Foreign Minister John Marc Errolt on Friday called on Gabon’s main political forces to engage in dialogue on consensus on specific structural reforms and benefits.

This came during a meeting between John Marc Errolt in Paris today with the Prime Minister of Gabon Emmanuel Essozi Ngondit, during which he heard the initiatives of the Gabonese government to support internal dialogue.

The French Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the preparation of the upcoming legislative elections represents an opportunity for different political currents to make commitments to democracy and the rule of law in Gabon, pointing to the possibility of international mediation.

The French Foreign Ministry expressed yesterday the readiness of Paris to contribute with its international partners in support of any effort to keep up with the Gabonese actors.

The statement said the foreign minister and the prime minister of Gabon also discussed Gabon’s relations with the EU and the economic and social situation in the country