France: Turkey’s acquisition of Russian military equipment is a decision NATO

French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnes Roumati-España confirmed on Wednesday that Turkey’s purchase of Russian military equipment was a sovereign decision not on the Atlantic allies to comment on.

This came in a statement to the spokeswoman today in response to a question on the intention of Turkey to buy a missile system S-400 defense from Russia and whether this agreement is a severe blow to NATO.

Turkey has strong support from its NATO allies to counter regional threats to its security, noting that since 2013, at the request of Turkey, NATO has been deploying an anti-missile defense system in the east of the country.

It noted the adoption of a package of other measures related to Turkey, such as the flight of AWACS and the more regular presence of NATO permanent naval forces.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the signing of a contract with Russia to buy S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, the largest between the two countries so far. The system includes several radar stations and missiles with different dimensions in addition to maintenance equipment.

Relations between Russia and NATO have deteriorated since Moscow annexed Crimea in 2014 and supported separatists in Ukraine.

Although Turkey is a key member of the alliance, its relations with the United States have been strained, especially since the US administration’s decision to support Kurdish armed fighters in Syria whom Ankara regards as “terrorists” fighting a militant organization.