French election: Marine Le Pen Emmanuel Macron to face off update

French presidential candidate Marin Le Pen on Sunday called for the “liberation of the French people” and defeated “the heir of Francois Hollande,” referring to her rival in the second round, the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macaron, who was an adviser to the French president.

“It is time to liberate the French people from the arrogant elite that wants to dictate their behavior,” Le Pen said at a press conference. “Yes, I am the candidate of the people and I appeal to all French patriots to join us.”

“You have brought me to the second round of the presidential elections and I want to express my deep gratitude … This historic result carries enormous responsibility for the defense of the French nation,” she said.

Le Pen warned again of the dangers of migration and the transfer of terrorists, calling for a rotation of power until new faces come to power. “The choice now is between savage globalization in a world where terrorists can travel freely and France has strong limits.”

The two candidates, Emmanuel Macaron and Marin Loben, qualified for the second round of French presidential elections scheduled for May 7, following their victory in the first round on Sunday.

According to preliminary estimates, the young independent candidate and pro-European and former Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron received 23.7%, while the extreme right candidate Marin Loben received 21.9