Game of Thrones Season 7 Preview

The Hijab is Beautiful: Designers Defy watch Game of Thrones Season 7 final online episode streaming free Trump in the Fashion Week,” the Guardian newspaper said. The hijab and gowns topped the New York Fashion Week, with Indonesian designers displaying veils in the hope of changing the West’s look. For this kind of dress, as they put it.

We just want to show the world that we can still be so beautiful and elegant with a headscarf, “said designer Diane Pilangi, 26, who has about 5 million followers in Anstagram.

Belangi was one of five Indonesian designers who presented a variety of fashion items during the first day of Fashion Week in Chelsea’s New York City district.

Belangi presented an elegant collection of colorful Indonesian costumes covering women from head to toe, including full skirts, wide pants and loose jackets. The collection included models of women wearing scarves wrapped over and under headgear, inspired by patterns of fashion, fabrics and colors that were thriving in Europe In the Middle Ages.

Belangi drew inspiration from New York’s best-selling book by American photographer Brandon Stanton, who documents the diversity of New York, home to 8.5 million people.