German interior minister criticizes generous aid to refugees

German Interior Minister Thomas de Mezier, who is campaigning on Saturday, said the generous contributions of asylum seekers in Germany did not contribute to improving the situation of migrants, which he criticized.

“The contributions to refugees in Germany compared to the rest of Europe are fairly large,” said the minister close to Angela Merkel in an interview with the regional daily newspaper The Sunday Post on Saturday. “It is part of things that do not contribute to improving conditions in Germany.”

“Germany is the country most refugees want to live in, because our conditions for studying asylum applications and taking over migrants are generous compared to Europe,” the conservative minister said.

Under the guidance of the adviser, De Mezier is behind a number of difficult conditions for receiving immigrants since the influx of more than 1 million people into the country in 2015 and 2016.

The Minister also declared his support for the asylum mechanisms to be harmonized in various European countries, and work has begun in Brussels.

He called for the European Union to reach a “truly homogeneous asylum system”.

But the Green Party and the leftist Radical Party of Dinky criticized the interior minister’s positions two weeks before the legislative elections.

The leader of the Green Party’s election list, Catherine Goring-Eckart, said the donations to the refugees “can not be reduced below the minimum necessary.” Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union is “ready for everything” in the election race.

For his part, the parliamentary official of the Dinky party, Jan Corti, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that de Mezier simply seeks to “distort the right of asylum”.

In Germany, a refugee who arrives alone is entitled to a place of residence and may receive more than 390 euros a month to cover his basic expenses.