Germans satisfied with country’s orientation ahead of the elections

The Germans are more satisfied with the direction of their country and are less politically divided than other European nations, a poll showed on Wednesday, explaining why Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to win a new term this month.

The poll by the Bertelsmann Foundation showed that 59 percent of Germans believe their country is moving in the right direction.

About 77 percent of those polled said their economic situation had improved or remained the same over the past two years, with 80 percent describing themselves as centrist.

The results of the poll contrast with those of other European countries where dissatisfaction with economic and political institutions has led to rising support for right-wing and leftist parties in recent years.

But it seems that German voters are keen to stabilize their situation. Merkel is expected to win a record fourth term in the September 24 election as polls show her center-right bloc is 13 to 15 points ahead of her closest rival, the Social Democrats.

“These results indicate an increased sense of satisfaction and the desire of the German community to maintain the status quo and completely contradict the situation elsewhere in Europe,” said Catherine DeFrees and Isabel Hoffman, who conducted the Foundation’s survey.