Germany to monitor a jump in the requests of Americans to obtain citizenship

German Foreign Ministry data showed that their consulates in the United States have seen a marked jump in applications for citizenship since November 2016, the month in which Donald Trump was elected president.

The total number of applications for citizenship, including those provided by US citizens already resident in Germany, is announced on an annual basis. Data for this year are not expected before the summer of 2018.

German consulates receive applications for citizenship from abroad, including those offered by former Germans who were stripped of citizenship during the Nazi era.

“The German government offices in the United States are currently witnessing a clear increase in legal inquiries related to citizenship issues,” the German Interior Ministry said in response to a formal request from the Green Party.

Applications do not include a question as to why the applicant wishes to acquire German citizenship, and therefore the reason for the increase is a bit of speculation. But the demands of Germans who were stripped of citizenship during the Nazi era and their descendants rose strongly after the US election in early November.

Such requests registered a jump from 92 in October 2016 to 124 in November, 144 in December and 159 in January 2017.

Data from the German Foreign Ministry showed that 1,190 people applied for citizenship in the first eight months of 2017, compared to 792 in 2016.

Germany has also seen an increase in the number of British citizens who applied for German citizenship since their country’s vote to leave the European Union last year