Germany rejects a Turkish request to hunt down 300 people and Turkish institutions on its territory

The German government has categorically rejected a request by Turkey to carry out surveillance and surveillance of elements alleged by Turkey to be conspiring against Turkish state security and belonging to the opposition group Fathallah Gulen, which Ankara accuses of masterminding the coup attempt in July 2016.

According to German newspaper Deutsche Zeitung, German intelligence has refused to show any kind of cooperation with its Turkish counterpart in monitoring or allowing the surveillance of dozens of Turks living in Germany.

The newspaper quoted the head of German national intelligence, Borno Kal, as saying he was upset by the demand of his Turkish counterpart Haqqan Fidan, who identified 200 people and 100 Turkish-run enterprises and businesses in Germany for security surveillance.

The German newspaper also revealed that the German intelligence had informed the Turkish list of the order and warned them to trace the Turkish intelligence to them and the need to report to the German anti-spy devices if suspicious of anything suspicious.

The German Interior Minister Thomas Mezeri said that the Turks had given the German intelligence a great opportunity to reveal new agents of the Turkish intelligence in Germany who may perform the task, stressing his country’s refusal to foreign countries to spy on residents on German territory, even if they hold the nationalities of that country.