Germany vs Norway Preview TV Info

Germany vs Norway live stream free watch online have set up a private jet to move Brazilian strikers Felipe Coutinho to England after the end of their World Cup qualifier against Colombia on Tuesday.

According to the British newspaper The Times, the Liverpool administration has equipped a private jet for Coutinho in Brazil in order to speed the transfer to England to join the ranks of Liverpool in preparation for a key to Manchester City in the fourth round of the English league on Saturday.

There has been a lot of friction between Philippe Coutinho and Liverpool over the past period because of the former’s desire to leave for Barcelona, ​​but the Reds’ hold on him has knocked down the Brazilian’s chances of moving to the Belgrana this summer.

Philippe Coutinho had been absent from Liverpool for the first three games in the English league on the pretext of injury, contrary to what was revealed by the Brazilian doctor, who confirmed the safety of the player and suffered only from a psychological condition because of not achieving his desire to leave for Barcelona.