Google allows users to locate their application for maps

Google has announced that it will update its famous mapping application, allowing users to locate other people to increase interaction within a product that is increasingly strategically important to the giant search engine.

In the coming week, users will be able to locate their sites at the same time on devices running Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s EOS. Google said the feature is part of new tools aimed at increasing the effectiveness of Google Maps, which analysts say is important to the company’s ambitions in commerce and transportation. Jane Fitzpatrick, director of Google Maps, said the Web site feature is designed to help people find each other in Busy places like concerts and conferences.

GPS has already raised concerns among privacy advocates. To address these concerns, Google will remind users, whether through the application or by e-mail, who their site is sharing. Ben Greenwood, a product manager at Google Maps, said that although a person who receives a location can pass this information to a third party, the company will advise people to use this feature only with those they trust.