Google President Announces Company Plan for Profit from Maps Service

Google Maps is one of the most popular services of the giant American company, but when it comes to profits, maps do not contribute in any way, and this will change over the coming period, as “Sander Peshay,” CEO of Google, a analyst on “Wall Street” , That the company has a long-term plan to make profits from Google Map.

Peshai noted that maps continue to see strong growth in the number of users, even years after their first launch, thanks to the proliferation of smart phones in emerging markets. Maps are an integral part of phones, especially with the development of new technologies such as enhanced reality,

Peshai did not provide a clear answer to Google’s plans to monetize the maps, but his comments give an idea of ​​what the company is considering. He said that users have noticed changes in Google Maps over the past few months and added many services and features that can be given to the company in the future. To make profits.

The business website “Business Insider” British, that Google is keen to talk about the usefulness of their ads to consumers, and these ads are what made the value of the company up to 610 billion dollars.