Group's get-down Displays off epic dance moves

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) –

Video of young men dancing outside of a Jackson gas station has gone viral on Facebook.

The video, taken June 4 outside the Walmart gas station on Highway 18, features the group showing off their best moves. 

WATCH: Group’s gas station get-down shows off epic dance moves

Jawuan Boone, wearing black Addidas track pants with tan shoes, planned the performance and says the friends — all between the ages of 19-23 — have known each for the last five years. 

The group had been swimming earlier in the day and knew that they wanted to make a video. They all met up at the Murphy USA gas station and put on a show. 

Boone says that the group, called StayTune ENT, doesn’t specifically choreograph routines, but the moves just come naturally.

“It’s just something that we always do,” said Boone. “It just happens.” 

“I’ve been dancing since I came out of the womb,” said Sheamus Tucker. “I really have. It’s a lot of energy. You just let your body be free to have fun.” 

The video has been shared over 80,000 times and has racked up over 3.5 million views. 

“It feels great. I really appreciate all the love people are showing,” said DeAndre Williams. “I’m not really used to stuff like this.”

They hope to turn their talents into a future career, but for now the group dances to stay out of trouble.  

“If we don’t have anything to do, we don’t just go in the streets and get in trouble and all that kind of stuff,” said Tucker. “We just like to dance.”

“I’d rather have young men out here doing something positive then out here robbing, stealing and doing crime. If you want to dance, dance,” said Clifton Aldridge. 

Aldridge was working at the Murphy USA station when the crew came in and asked if they could shoot a video in the parking lot. He said it’s nice to see positive things in city that can be better known for the negative. 

“Kids are going to look up to them for this. They represent positive stuff for the city. I’m proud of the guys,” added Aldridge. “They young guys. I’m looking up to them. I’m proud of them. You can’t ask for nothing better.”

Here are just some of the comments that have been left under video, praising the teens for their dancing skills. 

What all kids should be doing is having fun like this

Wow! Well guess I’ll be seeing you brothas on TV… That’s a must… Reach for the sky man the ingredients are there…

 I dont know whats better, the dancing or the lady in the background being their biggest cheerleader. love seeing this #BlackMagic

This is positive in so many ways …just brought me back to my childhood memories ’90s when guys would actually have a dance or rap battle for fun! And got along for days/years. all our youth wanna do is pick up a gun and kill…lord I pray for days I can see our black young men enjoying life like this again

Idk what they’re doing but I like it.

OMG this made me so hype!!!!! 

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