“The Guardian”: Dads tried to recruit a journalist with “BBC” to carry out an attack on the London Bridge

The Guardian newspaper reported that the gunmen of the Dahed organization tried to recruit a journalist from the BBC to carry out a terrorist attack in the London Bridge area.

The newspaper quoted the unnamed journalist as saying that within two years he had been linked to correspondence with militants of an organization calling on the Twitter social networking site as part of an investigation he was carrying out on extremist groups.

The newspaper reported that al-Dawash tried to coax the journalist to carry out an attack near the London Bridge alone or with a group of partners, noting that this recruitment attempt took place a year before the terrorist attack was carried out.

According to the newspaper, he contacted the journalist in the course of his investigation with several other members of the organization revealed to him plans for more attacks, and also where to buy weapons.

Three terrorists in a truck carrying out a run-off in the London Bridge area on June 3, arrived at the Boru market in a nearby area, got out of the car and attacked passersby with knives. Eight people were killed and security personnel managed to eliminate the attackers.