Hackers Turks threaten Apple to delete data of 200 million accounts on iCloud

A group of hackers known as the Turkish Crime Family have claimed access to more than 200 million Apple e-mail accounts, warning the company that they are ready to scan millions of users from iCloud accounts if Apple does not pay them a ransom before April 7.

According to the Dutch site of TNW, the Hackers group called on the “Turkish crime family” to pay Apple a $ 75,000 ransom to create or replace the lesser-known ethium, or $ 100,000 from iTunes gift vouchers.

“I just want my money and I think this will be an interesting report that many Apple customers will be interested in reading and hearing,” one hacker said. Hackers also provided some snapshots of e-mails and access to an e-mail account they allegedly used to communicate with Apple’s security team to prove Their demands, as the hackers made a YouTube video showing one of their members as he logs into the account of an elderly woman, and delete the data on her account