Homeowners urge city leaders to allow mini pigs

ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. — Homeowners state they will proceed before committing their pet up pig. Two homeowners acquired a citation in code enforcement.

“I have fencing. He doesn’t get outside. He doesn’t disturb anyone,” said Stephanie Ebling whilst discussing her pet pig.

Stephanie Ebling mentioned her mini pig called Lucky is like your dog.

“Take them out, feed them that I presume he’s a ton better some times than a canine. He is sensible,” said Ebling.

The mini pig isn’t permitted inside of Zephyrhills city constraints. City code states no cows, horses, swine, potbellied pigs, sheep, goats or other grazing animals.

Ebling received a citation from code after she thinks a neighbor whined. The officer lastname appears to become Bacon.

Heather Mooney comes with a pet pig called Meatball. She lives inside city limits. She said she got him more than a year back. Not long ago, Mooney reported that a metropolis worker noticed him reported.

Both women want metropolis leaders to rethink.

“I am hoping that they can even create a fresh ordinance for the miniature pellets,” said Ebling.

City manager, Steve Spina, said city leaders are now looking at the present city ordinance. He said changing it could possibly be an opportunity. They will discuss what’s next for owners in a meeting on June 1-1.

Even a spokesperson for Pasco County reported the county doesn’t possess an ordinance prohibiting mini or potbellied pigs.