Hundreds protest in Paris against anti-terrorism bill

Hundreds of people on Sunday protested in Paris against what they called the “declaration of a permanent state of emergency” in protest against the anti-terrorism bill, which is supposed to replace the state of emergency in the country from November 1.

A march of some 600 protesters, according to the police, marched from the 20th constituency towards the Place de la Republique in Paris, chanting and carrying banners condemning the police’s greater powers with regard to searches, raids, house arrest and restrictions on freedoms.

The Secretary of the Judges’ Syndicate, Katya Dubroi, said that the draft anti-terrorism law does not end the state of emergency and represents its sustainability by including it in public law, criticizing what it considered a deception by the government, especially that ending this exceptional system was an election promise for President Emmanuel Macaron.

The National Assembly (House of Representatives) will begin consideration of the bill after the Senate approved it last July.