Hurricane Erma threatens to cut off electricity for millions in Florida

Hurricane Erma is more dangerous to electricity supplies in Florida than Hurricane Harvey, Texas, because of the wind speed associated with the ARMA, which is 320 kilometers per hour. The winds could bring down power lines, shut down nuclear plants and threaten power outages for millions of homes and businesses for weeks.

Winds associated with the strongest hurricane were equivalent to any hurricane in the history of the Atlantic Ocean, while heavy rains were the main cause of the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. Despite torrential rains in Houston, electricity was not cut off, allowing citizens to use television and radio to learn about the latest developments or use social networking sites to seek help.

“When Harvey arrived at land in Texas, his intensity quickly declined because he entered the mainland completely but Erma may retain most of his strength,” said Jason Citrey, a weather forecaster at CommodityWater.

Erma killed several people and destroyed islands in the Caribbean.

Current projections indicate that Florida’s entire peninsula is in the cyclone track, which reached land in the Caribbean Sea at an associated wind speed of 295 km / h.

The threat posed by a Category 5 hurricane, the highest on the Ambassador-Simpson scale, is large enough for the Florida Electricity Company to close two of its nuclear power stations in the state, while officials have warned they will have to rebuild parts of the electricity system, It may take weeks.