Indian kills a friend who learned smoking after discovering cancer

The newspaper “Independent” British, that an Indian man discovered his throat cancer recently, shot and killed his colleague, because, according to the man is the one who knew smoking and knew about cigarettes.

The newspaper said in a report published on Wednesday that the Indian straight Ahmed, was angry with his colleague, after the doctor confirmed that the cause of his illness is smoking habits, and the two colleagues, 25-year-old cooks in a restaurant in the west of the city, “Delhi” The sister-in-law of the killer, India’s Hindustan Times reported.

The Indian police said that Ahmed was upset by his colleague, who is known as “Anayat” for another reason besides smoking. He said that he was more successful than he was at work. “Ahmed told the interrogators that he bought a pistol and trained to shoot well, The victim, who has been working at the restaurant for 18 months, was killed.

“Although Ahmed and Annayet were friends in the workplace, the latter was better at his job and good behavior, and soon became the owner’s favorite,” said deputy police commissioner Sibesh Singh. “Ahmad is said to have smoked cigarettes and marijuana under the influence of About.

“In the meantime, Ahmad was injured in the throat, forcing him to consult the doctor. Ahmed claimed that the doctor told him that he had developed throat cancer because of excessive smoking,” Singh said. He blamed his colleague and tried unsuccessfully to sack him. From his job, until he ended up out of work due to the decline in the level of performance, before shooting “Annayet” during a fight between them, the latter to die from his wounds.