Israel study on granting permits to expand settlement in East Jerusalem

The Israeli authorities have postponed for three days a discussion on granting building permits that could pave the way for building the largest Israeli settlement in a Palestinian neighborhood, according to municipal council members. Eastern Province, as members of the committee told AFP.

The issue was on the agenda of Wednesday’s meeting, without giving reasons for the postponement, while the Peace Now movement, which monitors settlement construction, said the reason was due to a conflict of time with a lawyer representing opponents of the expansion plan.

If building permits are granted, this will allow the expansion of the Neve Zion settlement in East Jerusalem by adding 176 housing units to the existing 91 units. The new building plan has already been approved, but the issuance of building permits, the last major bureaucratic step In the construction process.

So far, most of the settlements have been established, especially in the occupied West Bank outside the Palestinian residential areas, while Peace Now spokeswoman Nanaat Ben Nun told AFP that “construction inside East Jerusalem is a very serious development,” adding that ” The trend we see is the expansion of settlements inside Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. ”

Jerusalem is considered central and highly sensitive to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the Six-Day War in 1967 and later annexed it in a move not recognized by the international community. Israel sees Jerusalem as its capital. Palestinians want the eastern part as the capital. For their future state