Jean-Marie Le Pen criticizes his daughter Marin’s campaign after temporarily stepping

Jean-Marie Le Pen said on Tuesday that his daughter Marin, facing Emmanuel Macaron in the second round of French presidential elections on May 7, had to be more aggressive during the first round on Sunday and to follow President Donald Trump. 7.5 million votes in the largest result achieved by the National Front Party, which leads in his history, but did not succeed in overcoming the pro-European Union, which ranked first.

Her father’s intervention after her announcement on Monday and before the second round of elections comes her intention to abandon the day-to-day administration of the party her father founded. This is the latest disagreement between the two over the future direction of the party, “Jean-Marie Le Pen, 88, told RTL radio:” I think her campaign was very sluggish, and if I were in her place I would drive a campaign like the Trump campaign more open And very strong against those responsible for the deterioration of our country, whether they belong to the right or the left. ”

The father and daughter have been at odds since they began steps to improve the image of the party after it was associated with xenophobia in the run-up to its election campaign. The daughter’s decision to temporarily stop the day-to-day management of the party’s affairs was an attempt to portray itself above the narrow world of the FNP’s policies, Before the crucial second round.

Its program calls for curbing immigration, curtailing the rights of migrants living in France and expelling foreigners suspected of links to Islamic militancy.