Joint pain and heart disorders health problems caused by daily stress

Dr. Asmaa Abdel-Azim, a psychologist and family relations expert, said that the psychological pressures that a person experiences daily, whether family, social or work pressure, can lead to serious health problems and bad mental illnesses if ignored. Affects the human and the absence of physical symptoms caused by mental fatigue.

In a special statement to “Day Seven”, the psychologist said that the health problems include a number of diseases that we complained about a lot, and we do not know why they may return to stress such as joint pain, headache, hyperglycemia, heart arrhythmia, Squeeze the nervous system and cause jitter of the limbs.

Asma Abdel-Azim confirmed that all this is a result of the stress and anxiety that arises from the pressure on the human, and this can cause psychological problems, such as a state of emotional sensitivity and tantrums and the emergence of nervous trends, and increases when not addressed and up to the incidence of depression and mood and lack of Efficiency of work, productivity and unwillingness to practice life activities.

Asma ‘Abd al-Azim recommended that everyone should relax when exposed to pressure and rest on a comfortable bed or chair, drinking cold water and getting close to spirituality such as worship, and trying not to be affected by pressure, but to be an influential member away from negative emotions and think about how to reduce the pressure