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Azerbaijan is pursuing the French public television channel France 2 and journalist Elise Lucie, who described Azerbaijan’s regime as a “dictatorship”.

In a reportage to an investigative program broadcast in September 2015, the journalist reporting to Azerbaijan reported that Azerbaijan was “one of the world’s worst dictators.”

During a report on the presidential tour, “Laurent Rishar,” President Ilham Aliyev described him as a “dictator” and a “dictator” in the style of a mafia leader.

The Caucasus country, which regularly criticizes non-governmental organizations for human rights violations, has filed a complaint against the channel and the program’s sponsor, which almost automatically charges the head of French public television channels, Delfin Ernut-Consi, of “defamation against individuals” and of journalists for “complicity” “He said.

The lawyer for the Azerbaijani side, Olivier Bardot, said the channel’s program “is looking for excitement is not propaganda, but rather condemnation” and condemnation.

“This indiscriminate presentation of Azerbaijan does not at all reflect the current situation of this young republic,” he said, stemming from the collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1991, which “makes at least progress in the level of human rights and democracy.”

Azerbaijan abolished the death penalty, “about 500 newspapers” and adopted multi-partyism, he said.

Azerbaijan has requested symbolic compensation of one euro. The two women are threatened with a fine of 12,000 euros.

For his part, Jean Castellian, the channel’s defense representative, said that he would raise the procedural question of Azerbaijan’s non-eligibility as a state to be a civil party “because it can not be considered an individual” and therefore a defamation case. Which is rejected by the defense of the counterparty.

The popularity of French President Emmanuel Macaron and his Prime Minister Edouard Philippe fell in August at the end of August for the second month in a row, according to a public opinion poll published Monday.

According to the poll conducted by the Yogov France Institute for the Havost and Senews websites, Macron’s popularity declined in August, with 30 percent supporting it, compared with 43 percent at the end of June and 36 percent at the end of July.

The survey found that the decline was recorded especially among supporters of the Socialist Party and environmentalists, but his popularity improved among Republican supporters.

Supporters of the far left showed only 12% of them positive, and 9% of the right-wing voters expressed support for President MacRoon.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also faces a decline in his popularity, with only 32% showing good opinion in his performance, compared to 39% at the end of June and 37% at the end of July.

The poll, which included 1003 people on August 28 and 29, was conducted before the interview with the French president, Le Pen, in which he spoke about labor law reform.