Khatami calls for spiritual election to ensure sanctions are not returned and Iran isolated

Former reformist leader and Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has called for the election of President Hassan Rowhani in the May 19 presidential election, during a meeting with members of the reformist Consultative Council of the Reform Front.

Khatami said, according to statements that conveyed his own account on the application of the acclaimed Telegram within Iran, that the non-election of Rouhani means a great possibility of Iran’s isolation and the return of sanctions again.

Khatami added that all of us stand with First Vice-President Rowhani and his reformist candidate, Ishaq Jahangiri, for Rohani’s support.

He pointed out that the wise people in the country see that the interest of the people and the country in the continuation of spiritual survival.

On the municipal elections due to be held in conjunction with the presidential elections, Khatami called for not presenting multiple lists of reformist candidates.

According to reformist sites participated in the meeting, the head of the reformist bloc and reformist MP Mohammad Reza Aref, and the authorities prohibit mentioning the name or transfer of statements to the reformist leader Mohammad Khatami, where he imposed a siege for years because of his solidarity with the protests 2009