Le Pen’s father: proud of her rival as a candidate supported by the regime

Jean-Marie Le Pen, former president of the National Front Party and father of Marin Le Pen, his current leader, said in an interview with the French newspaper 20minet that he was very happy for his daughter’s arrival in the second round against independent candidate Emmanuel Macaron, Which has spoiled the country for 40 years, and its arrival at the forefront and near a candidate who receives all these support is a clear advantage for Marin, which was supported only by its people.

“Did you communicate with Marin by phone or in any way to congratulate her on her candidacy for the second round?” “No, I did not have the time, but I have all my feelings for her,” said John Marry. “Although I did not communicate with her, I did not wait for her to win every minute she wants to compete again in the second round on May 7.

Asked about what Marin Le Pen should do to confront her rivals and political supporters, he said: “I support Marin but I can not offer advice, so I’m not part of her accomplices.”