Learn about: Halima Yacoub is the first Muslim woman of Singapore

Singapore is preparing to inaugurate Halima Yacoub, the country’s first Muslim woman, after she won an acclamation last week after she was the only candidate for the presidential election.

It is the first time a woman from the Malay minority has been president since the 2016 constitutional amendment, with the aim of ensuring greater participation of national and religious minorities.

Singapore decided that the presidency should be reserved for candidates from the Malay minority, in order to enhance the sense of diversity in the multi-cultural and minority state. “Although I was not elected, my commitment to serve you will be for everyone and will not change,” Jacob said.

The following is the most important information about Singapore’s Halima Yaqub.

1 – the first Muslim woman to hold the presidency in the history of Singapore and the second head of the ethnic Malay.

Halima holds Singapore presidency for 6 years, succeeding Tony Tan Ting Yam.

3 – A Muslim woman from an Indian father and a Malawian mother.

4. She is 62 years old and married to Yemeni businessman Muhammad Abdullah Al-Habashi in 1980 and mother of five.

5 – Worked in public affairs for 40 years and graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Singapore in 1978.

6 – held a position in political work in 2001 as a representative of the department of mass representation Jurong, and then appointed as minister of community development and youth and sports.

7. She was Minister of Social and Family Development in 2012 and recently served as Speaker of the Parliament for 3 years.

Singapore, with a population of 6 million and an area of ​​710 km, is the fourth largest financial center in the world, with its national production increasing from 500 billion last year. The Singapore Constitution requires the presidential candidate to hold a public office for at least three years, Only on Halima Jacob.