Malaysia is seeking 31.8 million tourists and offering 2017 tourism products

Malaysian Minister of Tourism and Culture Dato Mohammad Nazari Abdul Aziz will lead a Malaysian delegation consisting of 142 participants representing 71 Malaysian tourism organizations at the Arab Travel and Tourism Market (ATM), scheduled to be held from 24 to 27 April 2017 in Dubai. At the same time, For government travel and companies “to carry out tourism promotion programs in Malaysia in cooperation with the Malaysian Tourism Authority to attract more tourists from the Gulf countries to visit Malaysia.

The Malaysian delegation will include a number of hotels, resorts and tour operators, representatives of tourism agencies from different Malaysian states and a number of tourism product and service providers. The Malaysian participation aims to highlight the most important tourism products designed to meet the needs of the Middle East markets.

Malaysia received more than 26.8 million tourists last year, an increase of 4.0 percent over the year 2015, in which Malaysia received about 25.7 million tourists. Malaysia is looking forward to receiving some 31.8 million foreign tourists during the year 2017. Malaysia is looking forward to its vision of 2020 to receive more than 36 million foreign tourists in that year and revenue of 168 billion Malaysian ringgit.

Malaysian Tourism and Culture Minister will officially open the Malaysian pavilion on Monday 24 April 2017, followed by the launch of the Salam Standard Premium travel portal by the Islamic Tourism Center of Malaysia (ITC) and the launch of the Muslim Travel Guide by the Halal Authority in Penang In addition to holding a number of meetings and interviews with various media during the press conference accompanying the opening ceremony