Manchester City vs Manchester United live update minute by minute


Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola and Jose Manchester United vs Manchester City live stream free watch online en vivo Mourinho, the manager of Manchester United, have announced the formation of their teams for the upcoming match at the Al Ittihad Stadium in the Manchester derby, both of which are postponed from round 26 of the Premier League.

Min 23 | Superb, last-ditch tackle from Bailly to dispossess Sané as he was about to pull the trigger.

Min 21 | Sterling ghosts in towards a cross-cum-shot from De Bruyne, but the ball is curling away from him, and it nestles in the arms of David de Gea.

Min 21 | Sterling ghosts in towards a cross-cum-shot from De Bruyne, but the ball is curling away from him, and it nestles in the arms of David de Gea.

Min 19 | This game hasn’t quite burst in to life yet. Manchester City have had 66% of the ball, but have done little with it, beyond that Aguero snap-shot. It’s tactical, attritional. It’ll be ‘won on the whiteboard’ as they say in Spain.

Min 17 | De Bruyne generates a lot of whip on a free-kick from the right. The ball whistles through the channel between the goalkeeper and the defence, and bounces out for a goal kick.

Min 15 | Carrick spins on a sixpence to escape Toure’s attention on the edge of his own box, before playing a ball up the line to Rashford. Is Carrick from Macclesfield? Because he is adept at silk production.

Min 14 | The City full backs are cutting inside in order to give Sterling and Sané more space to operate in the wide areas. It´ll be interesting to see how the United defence deal with that movement.

Min 11 | Fernandinho is given a stern talking to by the referee following a foul on Mkhitaryan on half way. He escapes without a card, but Atkinson gives him a ‘no more of that, thank you’ scowl and gesture.

Min 9 | Aguero grazes the post! De Bruyne found space on the right and whipped a fierce cross to the Argentine at the near post. Five yards out, he couldn’t quite squeeze the ball in at the near corner with his right instep. It wasn’t an easy chance, but we’re so used to seeing Aguero gobble them up nonetheless.

Spanish news reports revealed the truth of the shirt handed to Sergio Ramos to rule the clubo before the latter expelled him during the match that ended with the victory of Barcelona 3-2, in the competition of the 33rd age of the contest Liga.

The Spanish newspaper Marca reported that before the Clasico, Ramos handed over a bag with a shirt that was not intended for Hernández but was a gift for Juan Carlos Albucić (manager of the Sans Beach Hotel) in the city of Lanzarote.

The Sans Beach Hotel in Lanzarote is known for its shirt-filled area signed by the most famous players and the Ramos shirt will be added to that list,

Ramos sent a handwritten letter on the bag that was handed over to the intended person, Juan Carlos Albuixc.

“Thank you, Sergio Ramos, for what I have received,” he said.


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