Marin Le Pen deplores Macron’s failure and state apparatus in the face of hurricane Erma

French extreme right-wing leader Marin Le Pen has expressed deep indignation and criticism of the current French President Emmanuel Macaron’s administration for failing to cope with the disaster caused by hurricane Erma, in particular for “relief and inadequate security”, French media reported. “He said.

Marin Le Pen expressed her solidarity with the people of the Antilles who face death and destruction and now plunder and chaos, after being hit by a less destructive hurricane.

“To be the voice of truth before the tragedies of our compatriots in the Antilles: there was nothing to be expected, nothing was known.

The lack of security, which is not sufficient at all, the collapse of military means, and the insufficient number of naval vessels does not allow the response that was supposed to be the response of a large and strong nation like France. ”

“A Frenchman in French territory must impose a level of support, solidarity and protection that the government could not guarantee today in the face of this disaster,” Le Pen said.