Marvel's next major point: Who could follow The Avengers' theatre accomplishment?

They are like old buddies.

But Disney is currently looking to follow immediately after 2019 into their cinematic footsteps.

That’s when Avengers 4 is expected out, and a number of the stars’ contracts perish.

Function is being done to attract “a fresh franchise” out of Marvel comic books into the movies, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger.

The company has had cinema success with co workers hit displays in 2014, a name previous to Chris Pratt and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel is publishing stories about super heroes for almost 60 years, so there’s no lack of titles ready to measure up to this struggle.

Here are some of the probable candidates.

Thunderbolts: Could Marvel succeed in which DC didn’t?

Thunderbolts are a group of Marvel villains who’ve, to different degrees of succeeding, strove to reform their own manners and lead more heroic lives.

And yes, the theory will have a lot in common with DC’s 2015 picture, Suicide Squad.

“It would be some thing new for the Marvel Cinematic Uni-Verse (the MCU), anti-heroes trying to do good essentially, or being forced to achieve excellent,” says 24-year-old Salford University student and Marvel super fan Sebastian Padget.

Thunderbolts has contained roles including Hawkeye, Green Goblin, Venom, Luke Cage and also Elektra – most whom’ve previously looked at existing Marvel films or TV displays.

“It’s very similar to Avengers but it’ll not be on the way in which a hero saves your afternoon all the time and make considered a bit more hardhitting,” provides Sebastian.

“It’s a more militarised, grittier team for the MCU.”

Fanstastic Number: Fourth time lucky?

Fox videos have made three Great Four films, but if a deal with Disney goes, they can become a portion of their MCU.

Daniel Preston of all Marvel podcast, A Marvellous Lunch, ardently believes it will probably soon be Marvel’s substitute Your Avengers.

“Plenty of Great Four story-lines are to do with the Infinity Stones and plenty to accomplish with Thanos (each key elements at the MCU) so there’s a lot there to create movies around,” he says.

He wishes to watch Fabulous Four children Franklin and Valeria Richards look and planet-eating large Galactus become Marvel’s brand new big bad.

“He’s way larger than Thanos and more threatening.

“Fantastic Four, Galactus, extraterrestrial dangers – it is spot on for that Marvel world”

And Tom Hindle, of picture blog Re-El on-line, believes Marvel should be able to write a picture that buffs may finally love.

“Marvel films are really very good at moving from genuine laugh-out-loud humor to incredibly sombre, extreme minutes and tend not to lose you along the way,” the 24-year-old informs Newsbeat.

“The writers and producers at Marvel just know these characters perfectly. Marvel obtained the rights Spider Man and now Tom Holland would be the greatest we’ve ever had. “

Alpha Flight: The cosmic Canadians

Captain Marvel may definitely get her solo movie. She now leads a group called Alpha Flight, yet another contender to be Marvel’s next big cashcow.

“It would have been a amazing possibility to have her spearhead her staff,” says comic journalist Chris Jones.

Formerly a group of heroes, more recently they’ve been gallivanting in distance – that could cause possible cross-overs with Guardians of the Galaxy.

“If those Guardians remain around after Avengers 4, naturally,” adds Chris.

Excalibur: The very finest of British

In case Marvel movies can move into distance, then they can come to the UK.

Excalibur can be really a group of British heroes that self-described “Marvel nerd” Dan Lamden believes would make a unique replacement Your Avengers.

“Excalibur would sense like a fresh and intriguing portion of this Marvel universe to start,” he informs Newsbeat.

And that requires Captain the us when we can get Captain Britain?

“Captain Britain has powers awarded him from Merlin. So Excalibur features a marginally magical origin to its own stories.”

The crew works together government agency MI:13, which opens up chances.

“Excalibur’s heroes are [involving] mystical arts that could possibly be explored or they can go down the tougher, Spooks-ish crime-fighting course, ” a bit as the doctor Who or Torchwood series,” says Dan.

X-Men: A fresh beginning for mutants?

Like Super Four, Xmen coming house into Marvel and also Disney is determined by a Significant merger. However, Chris Jones thinks they are an ideal replacement Your Avengers.

“The societal difficulties and dilemmas really replicate the current problems,” Chris says.

“Mutants are outsiders from the X-Men universe and that contributes to so many different racial and LGBT troubles that make them more recognizable as characters.”

He wishes to see exactly the comic novel storyline, House – where everyone else on earth becomes a mutant – turned into Marvel’s following big movie ribbon.

“House Of M is on Scarlet Witch (in your Avengers) along with also her decision, realising that she could model truth,” adds Chris.

“In the present time the MCU is apparently building up her to become considered a major participant.

“She’s endured much loss from the films and that contrasts what occurs in House Of M.”

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