Merkel: Immigrants without a permit to leave Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said refugees who arrived in Germany and did not have “refugee status” must leave.

“We have taken this seriously and I fully agree with you that those who have not been granted refugee status should leave Germany,” the Russian news agency RIA Novosti quoted the German chancellor as saying in response to a press question.

“I understand those who are very skeptical, because dramatic terrorist operations are taking place in the name of Islam, so I have made it clear that Islamic clerics should say they are far from this, and we welcome those Muslims,” ​​she said. Who live with us, but under the current constitution and away from terrorists. ”

On German-Turkish relations, Merkel said in response to a question whether negotiations with Ankara on joining the European Union should be stopped after Germany’s recent arrest in Turkey that Berlin could not stop negotiations on the issue unilaterally.

“We do not see an opportunity for Turkey to join the European Union, but Berlin could affect Ankara economically in the first place,” the German chancellor said. “We should give a clearer warning to those who want to visit this country and impose restrictions on loans.