Messi is preparing for the first appearance at the Pomponera Stadium

The Argentine Football Federation has announced that it has received approval from its international counterpart FIFA for the upcoming World Cup qualifier against Peru at the La Pomponera stadium, the stronghold of Boca Juniors.

AC Milan president Claudio Tapia said he had applied to FIFA before the last match against Venezuela, which had three stadiums to host Peru, which is part of the 17th round of FIFA World Cup qualifiers. FIFA agreed to hold the match at Boca Juniors on October 5.

The match will be the first for Lionel Messi in his career at La Pomponera, where he has never played before. The match will be a great support for the Tango. Always large in its stands, which can accommodate 49 thousand fans.

The Argentinian side has an unbeatable position in the qualifiers as it is in fifth place with 24 points, three points behind second-placed Uruguay, just two rounds before the end of the qualifying round.