Miami College to Offer Duplicates of Wil Haygood's book


Miami University is likely to probably be pulling ancient duplicates of a Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Wil Haygood’s new work to students who could listen to him speak at the school’s 2018 convocation.

Students will get duplicates of “Tigerland: The wonder on East Broad Street,” compiled from the 1976 Miami graduate.

Haygood will probably be speaking at the fall convocation of the school. WVXU-FM stories college students will get duplicates of the book for mandatory summer reading.

The book isn’t scheduled to be released until October 2018.

Haygood has composed for The Washington Post, also has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for feature.

His book “The Butler: A Witness to record” has been the cornerstone for the 2013 movie “The Butler” directed by Lee Daniels.