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Russia’s direct investment fund, Karel Dmitryev, said Monday that the BRICS countries are considering the possibility of launching a “Brix” encrypted currency as an alternative to other payment tools, the Russian news agency Sputnik reported.

“Another issue discussed by the Finance Committee is the encrypted currencies, and there is even the possibility that the possibility of launching the encoded BRIX currency may be discussed as a substitute for other payment instruments,” said the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Karel Dmitryev. For Brix “.

Dmitryev pointed out that at the moment, the focus is on the use of national currencies by member states, “but the discussion of encrypted currencies has started as a possible payment mechanism, and may be requested in some calculations and it will be a good alternative to the dollar and other accounting sectors.”

According to Dmitryev, one of the most important topics at the BRICS summit was the development of investment cooperation.

“We estimate that in the next three years, mutual investments in BRIC countries will grow three or four times with tools such as Brix,” he said.