Mourinho Wenger: I hope he stays with Arsenal for a long time

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has ridiculed Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger for the poor start of the English Premier League season.

“I am very sad for you, Arsenal fans,” Mourinho said. “I’m very sad for you,” said Mourinho in an interview with the English journalist Pierce Morgan, known for his strong affiliation with Arsenal at a shopping mall.

“I have good friends who love Arsenal like you and I know they have been depressed by the team,” Mourinho said. “They’re suffering badly because it’s terrible.”

Asked about the number of years Wenger spent on Arsenal, Mourinho replied, “Believe me, I have no idea. But I hope he will remain as coach for as long as possible,” indicating that this will enable him to win against Arsenal.

The talk came after the impressive start of Manchester United in the Premier League, where he leads the standings, having won 3 games and tied in one match, while Arsenal made a bad start, having won only twice, and lost in the same.