New events expected Wednesday in Venezuela

The “Democratic Unity Table,” the broad coalition of Maduro’s opponents, reiterated Wednesday that it would organize “the mother of all demonstrations.”

Opponents of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and supporters have called for new protests on Wednesday, two weeks after clashes between police and protesters killed five people and arrested 117 others.

Maduro is responding to the efforts of the opposition that wants to sack him, while the country is experiencing a severe economic crisis caused by the decline in oil prices, which are the main source of the country’s resources.

The opposition is demanding that the authorities set a date for the elections of state governors that have been postponed. It is also angered by the limitations on its legislative powers and the denial of one of its top leaders, Enrique Caprilis, to run for the next presidential election.

The election of state governors was postponed indefinitely last December, while municipal elections are expected to take place later this year, while the country is experiencing a state of political chaos