New York Times: Trump quarreled with Republicans over opposition

The New York Times reported that Donald Trump was the first president to end the control of the Democrats and Republicans over the White House after his commitment to either party.

He explained Tkir newspaper: “In recent weeks, Trump quarreled with more Republicans than he did with the opposition and attacked Congress leaders on tensing and overthrew the leaders of the former party in the White House, and the adoption of key challenges for legislators who are guided by, and blamed the figures of the Republic of not adopting his agenda.

The newspaper pointed out that, when Donald Trump put monument Oaanah the presidency in the 2000 election, sought the nomination of the Reform Party, a haven of independent desperate, the party and headed towards the extreme right and the Democrats towards the hard left, and eventually retreated from running for the Reform Party, and was one of five At least the Trump has changed his party over the years.

As he entered the White House, Donald Trump proved this week that he still imagines himself a shepherd, staying alone as he abandons Republican leaders in Congress to reach a short-term fiscal deal with the Democrats.

“Although he was elected last year as a public figure, he proved during his eight months in office that, in many ways, he was the first independent to arrive in the presidency since the two-party system began in time of civil war.