Newcastle vs Preston North End preview: Live Stream Tv Channels

A new test with Roma, who arrive at Newcastle united vs Preston North End live stream free watch online Pescara at the ninth quarter of the evening on Monday, at the stadium “Adriatico”, at the end of the 33rd round of the Italian league competition “Calchio”.

Mohamed Salah and Djeko are the best duo in the history of Rome in 82 years. Djeko scored 25 goals in the current edition of the Italian league, while Mohammed Salah scored 11 goals, bringing the total score to 36.

Newcastle vs Preston North End live stream Rome’s Mohamed Salah and Djeko have a chance to make history against Pescara, who has one of the weakest defense lines among the major European league clubs, the Big 5, this season, having been shaken 70 times in 32 games.

Mohamed Salah and Djeko need to score two goals in the match to tie the best-ever record in the history of the club, Enrique Guayeta and Alejandro Scobelli, and three goals to break it.

Enrique Guaita and Alejandro Scobelli scored 38 goals in the 1934-35 season in the Italian League competition, the best bilateral in the history of Rome.

Mohammed Salah also has the opportunity to break his record by reaching the 16th goal in various Italian and European competitions this season in his 36th game today, having scored 15 goals last season in 42 games.

Mohamed Salah is the best goal maker in the Italian league competition before the start of the 33rd round, after he succeeded in making 9 goals after he managed to make nine goals in 1990 minutes with the Italian team in the competition “Alcaltchio” this season, without counting the passes that caused the goals of self As well as chances of getting a penalty.

Mohamed Salah is aiming to lead Rome to a win to secure the Italian league’s “Scout”. Roma have 72 points in second place, one point ahead of Napoli, who fell to a 2-2 win at Sasulo yesterday, while Pescara are the last with 14 points. .