No fears for concussed Demon's AFL future

Melbourne are adamant Angus Brayshaw’s latest concussion is not career threatening.

Brayshaw suffered a concussion after copping a late hit in the first half of Casey’s VFL clash on Saturday.

It comes after the 21-year-old missed six matches last year when he was concussed twice in a short period of time.

But Demons football chief Josh Mahoney said speculation Brayshaw’s career is under threat is out of order.

“We want to make sure that everyone knows that it is a minor concussion,” Mahoney told Triple M on Sunday.

“I understand that he has got a bit of a history going back to last year having two concussions in quick succession.

“But some of the commentary I’ve heard about it being career threatening is a bit of a dramatisation of his situation.

“It was a very minor concussion is the way our doctors described it but there was just enough there to rule him out of the second half of the game.

“He’s only got a couple of symptoms still this morning, so he’s improved since the game.”

Mahoney added that Brayshaw was considered a reasonable chance to be cleared to play next week.

Concussion and its lasting effects on players has been an area of growing concern in sports around the world.

St Kilda’s Sean Dempster, North Melbourne’s Leigh Adams and Melbourne’s Heritier Lumumba are among the AFL players who have retired from the game citing concussion issues in recent years.

Mahoney said Brayshaw hadn’t displayed the sort symptoms that could lead him to ponder early retirement.

But he admitted the midfielder was troubled by the latest setback.

“It’s a concern for Angus,” Mahoney said.

“He’s frustrated because, first of all he wants to be playing in the senior team.

“There’s concern that he’s getting knocks to the head and he’s having some symptoms from it.

“He’s thinking about it a bit at the moment but all we can say to Angus is (we’ll) keep treating it as we are.

“We take concussion very seriously and if we thought it was more of an issue than it currently is then we’d certainly be looking into it.”