North Korea commemorates the establishment of its army with traditional military training

North Korea on Tuesday commemorated the 85th anniversary of the establishment of its military with traditional military training, according to South Korean media reports, after there were fears of a new nuclear or missile test on the occasion.

The exercises came at a time when Seoul announced its participation in naval maneuvers with a US aircraft carrier that arrived in the region which has been tense recently.

Observers had expected Pyongyang to hold a sixth nuclear test or a new missile test on the occasion of the founding of the military.

However, an experiment of this kind, which usually takes place in the morning, was not done by noon, while the South Korean Defense Ministry confirmed that “no unusual development has been detected.”

Instead, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency quoted an unnamed government source as saying Pyongyang had celebrated the anniversary with “the largest firing training” in its history in the coastal city of Wonsan and expected to be attended by President Kim Jong-un.