Owl disrupts British police contacts southwest of England

The owl caused serious problems for the British police’s communications equipment from the computer and telephones after it flew on and damaged the power cords.

The police headquarters announced that the neighboring forces had been given support and the problem had been corrected after the engineers took the official bank holiday, which falls on August 29 each year, to work to repair the holidays.

The BBC reported that the accident cut off most of the electricity supply from Portside Police Headquarters. The reserve service was run from other nearby areas and Wiltshire police helped deal with field calls.

Interestingly, many citizens asked about the fate of the owl, a police spokesman said they knew nothing about.

The police of Avon and Somerset districts had to call citizens to call 999 only if they had a real emergency and avoid calling 101 for non-emergency services.

101 is a local police number in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and for the less urgent matters of 999.