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Ape Seen in Early Chinese tomb

An ape that's fresh to science was uncovered buried in a ancient grave in China.The gibbon has already gone ashore, indicating folks wiped-out primate...

Participants touched by Baby 's thank You for note

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) -- A simple, hand written thank you note to authorities officers from a young child as soon as they taken off a...

Trainers touched with # 039 & Little One;s thank you note

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) -- an easy, handwritten thank you note to authorities officers from your child as soon as they removed a wanted criminal out...

First baby-box to be installed in fundamental Ind..

INDIANAPOLIS -- The first fundamental Indiana Safe Haven Baby Box will probably be put in this season at Indianapolis.Child boxes really are secure incubators...

Nude man Continues in the casino on rampage

He didn't lose his top. The entire ensemble was lost by him.The man who stripped nude and proceeded to the chair-tossing tirade onboard...

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