Charges for 13 people suspected of involvement in the killing of an Ugandan policeman

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A number of charges, including terrorism, have been brought to the attention of 13 people in connection with the killing of a Ugandan police officer in front of his home last month, police said on Saturday.

Police Assistant Inspector-General Andrew Kawesi, also a spokesman for the police, was killed on March 17 with two other members of the body.

The suspects appeared before a court of first instance in Kampala on Friday.

“Police have summoned 13 suspects to the court where they have been charged with terrorism, murder and armed robbery,” police spokesman Asan Kasenge told AFP.

The suspects will remain under arrest until the next hearing on May 5, according to the source, who added that “investigations are still underway to arrest other suspects still in hiding.”

Police said 12 of them were Muslims, while Kasenge, who succeeded Kawesi as a police spokesman, said the motive for the murder was not yet clear.

Gunmen shot Kawesi while he was on duty to protect two policemen who were also killed. One resident said he saw four men on two motorbikes attacking the car he was using with a machine gun