Obama is back on the public next Monday, avoiding the response to Trump

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The end of service for former US President Barack Obama is nearing completion, and he is scheduled to return to Chicago next Monday for his first public event as a former president.

The Washington Post reported in a report published last night that the silence that Obama imposed on himself since the inauguration of Trump will end with a series of events he will attend in the next four weeks.

The next Monday will be Obama with students at the University of Chicago, followed by a ceremony in Boston, followed by a series of public statements alongside some private speeches paid in the United States and Europe, and will appear next to Brandenburg Gate in Germany with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But Obama is unlikely to take advantage of these public events to respond to accusations by his successor Trump and his coup on his policy. According to the paper, close associates of the former president that while watching Trump’s brutal and chaotic attack on his legacy, he is still adamantly committed to the idea that the United States has one president All the time.

Obama’s aides stressed that he did not intend to face Trump directly on immigration, public health, foreign policy or the environment during any of the events scheduled for next month.

Obama and a small cadre of former White House aides at the Washington office know that anything he says in public, whatever his degree of persuasion, will be interpreted as criticism of Trump.

Obama’s aides also said he would not criticize Trump in his paid speeches, but they refused to say how much money Obama was getting in each speech, but former President Bill Clinton was averaging more than 200,000 US dollars between 2001 and 2015, and George W. Bush He earns $ 100 to $ 175,000 for each appearance.

Obama’s aides refuse to ignite the former president’s public rivalry against Trump, especially since they have never spoken since the latter’s inauguration in January, suggesting such hostility would give the incumbent president the political frustration he needs to further sharpen his conservative supporters.

The aides said Obama also concluded that his speech was no longer essential in the daily political arena, where the former US president sees a new level of civilian activists among Democrats determined to challenge Trump, appeared on the scene without encouragement from him.

Instead, Obama is attending speeches focusing on more foreign issues, hoping to keep himself above the level of televised debates and congressional debates, instead talking about civic engagement, planet safety, the need for diplomacy, civil rights and the development of a new generation of American leaders. .