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France’s French presidential newspaper Le Figaro said on West ham united vs Everton live stream free online Saturday that French presidential elections are scheduled to vote Sunday for 45.67 million French voters on national territory and in the Overseas Territories, while about 1.5 million French citizens are living abroad and entitled to vote. With their votes.

The French newspaper pointed out that in order to participate in the determination of the President of the Republic, each voter must enjoy French nationality, and all civil and political rights without having any criminal or judicial precedents in general, and those procedures must be complete so that citizens can register on lists Voters.

As of midnight on Friday, the electoral silence phase began, in which candidates refrain from public campaigning, including audiovisual campaigns.

According to the French Constitution, the election campaign ends one day before the ballot, at midnight until the end of the first round of elections. Candidates for the post of president are subject to a strict list of laws and procedures they must adhere to.

Electoral silence also includes the media, as it prevents any new polls on the election, dissemination and distribution by any means, and the violator is under the fine of up to 75 thousand euros