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The radar images taken paraguay vs uruguay en vivo en directo live streaming free Por Internet transmisión TV 5 Septiembre 2017 Online hoy: ver horarios y canales ver partido during the asteroid’s flight to Earth on Friday (September 1st) revealed new details about the asteroid called Florence, which showed it had two small satellites orbiting it.

According to the Web site of Daily Mail on September 1, a giant asteroid went 2.8 miles to the Earth, which is 18 times the distance between our planet and the moon. While it may seem far away, NASA confirmed that it was the nearest asteroid of that magnitude passing by Earth since the start of NEO tracking.

For astronomers, this approach was an unprecedented opportunity to study the asteroid through terrestrial radar. Since nearly two-thirds of the near-Earth asteroids are known to be associated with a moon, NASA suspects Florence would have a partner too, but they found that he had no one , But two satellites flying around it.

“The sizes of the two satellites are not yet known, but they may range from 100-300 meters. The time required for each moon to circumnavigate Florence is also not known specifically, but it seems to be about 8 hours for the inner moon and between 22 and 27 hours for the outer moon, the inner moon of Florence has the shortest orbital period of the 60 satellites of known asteroids near the Earth.