Paraguay vs Uruguay Preview

Paris’s Orly airport, believed to have paraguay vs uruguay en vivo en directo live streaming free Por Internet transmisión TV 5 Septiembre 2017 Online hoy: ver horarios y canales ver partido illegally provided classified information to Moroccan intelligence, threatened France’s domestic national security, France’s Liberation newspaper reported on Tuesday. .

The information relates to the identity cards of terrorism suspects, Moroccans and hard-to-travel militants, classified confidentially by the French Ministry of Defense. The confidential information given by the French security official through an intermediary is likely to be the manager of an airport operator. Morocco has adopted it to decipher some of the terrorist attacks that have hit France over the past years.

According to the same French newspaper, the policeman was detained and detained and brought to justice on charges of providing classified information to the Moroccan intelligence, specifically to the anti-espionage agency in Morocco during the past three years.

According to Liberation, this French security official who was accused of “corruption” also benefited in return for providing this confidential information from many flights and holidays driven by all Moroccan parties

The Australian Senate is considering imposing strict rules on Australian politicians in the House, after the vice-niqab wore a veil as a pretext to demand a ban. According to the BBC.

Pauline Hanson, leader of the far-right “One Nation” party, wore the niqab in the Australian Senate last month as part of its campaign to ban the niqab.

Hanson’s convictions and calls for tougher benchmarks were met.

Stephen Barry, president of the Senate, said he had written to the Internal Procedure Committee, asking it to consider imposing new rules.

One of these rules will give the senator and his deputy the power to remove senators from the room if they wear inappropriate clothing.

Bari told the Senate on Monday that he was disappointed when he decided to consider imposing new rules, rather than relying on council members to work “with personal judgment and good judgment.”

The government and opposition senators criticized what Hanson did on Aug. 17.

Attorney General George Brandes’s speech was greeted with great warmth in the Senate when he said Hanson’s trick was “appalling” and risked isolating Australian Muslims